The way to achieve a rich, healthy looking tan is with our complete selection of lotions. We carry only the highest quality products from Designer Skin, California Tan and Australian Gold. Our lotions contain scientifically advanced ingredients; such as antioxidant vitamin blends, advanced moisture complex, bronzers and many other elements to keep your skin healthy, leaving you feeling great! Utilizing a lotion while tanning intensifies your tan by up to 60%. Lotions allow you to maximize your tanning session while providing your skin with hydrating and skin repairing  nutrients. Our experienced tanning consultants will assist you in finding the perfect lotion for your skin type and specific tanning needs.

Designer Skin Black Dahlia Flourish


Bronzers help to promote dark, advanced color via immediate bronzers, natural bronzing agents, and/or sunless tanning agents called delayed bronzers. 

Bronzers contain activators to optimize skin's natural color potential while hydrating the skin.


Designer Skin Juicy Gossip


Intensifiers naturally promote dark, bronze color through hydration and skin conditioning properties called activators. 

They help to optimize skin's natural color potential. 




Tingles are recommended for experienced tanning clients. After application, a "hot" and "reddening" sensation occurs.

The sizzle factor provides a tingling sensation, resulting in deeper, darker color.

Tingles contain intensifiers to optimize skin's natural color potential while hydrating the skin.




Facial lotions are specifically formulated for the delicate skin on your face, neck, chest, hands, and feet. They are usually non-comedogenic, oil free, and fragrance free. 

Facial lotions provide the most important skin on your body with the nourisment it needs to stay looking young and fresh. 




Tan extenders are lotions intended to extend the life of your tan. They are intended to be used after you are tanning. They help to provide the skin with the nourishment it needs to sustain your tan. 

Tan extenders help keep the skin moisturized and slow down exfoliation so your tan lasts longer.