Versa Spa

Enjoy the innovative and indulging experience of UV free Sunless Treatments. Golden Tan proudly sources VersaSpa to fit any and all our our tanners needs. Bronze, Hydrate, and Smooth your skins fine lines in just one easy session. Enjoy the process as much as your beautiful golden results in our user friendly machines. Stay assured that your beautiful golden color will indeed last 7-10 days and is the perfect solution when you need a quick fix, top coat, or instant gratification. Our highly trained staff members will help customize the optimal level of spray application to fit each tanners skin tone. Quench your skin’s thirst for instant color and get spray tan today!

how to prepare

First of all, come in any time. We don't require appointments for spray or UV tans!

To prepare for your spray tan, make sure you shower, shave, and exfoliate before your spray tan. This will ensure that your spray tan lasts as long as possible, because it will prevent the need to shave and exfoliate after you've received your spray tan.

Make sure not to put on anything that may prevent your spray tan from developing. This includes heavy moisturizers, silicone based lotions, or beeswax based lotions. The day of your spray tan, avoid using perfumes, oils, moisturizers, or deodorants. 

Most clients receive their spray tan nude, but that is entirely up to you. If you would like to wear a bathing suit in your spray you are welcome to. We suggest wearing loose fitting clothing to leave in, that way you don't ruin your spray tan.

After spray tanning, we suggest waiting 4-6 hours before showering off your spray tan. A spray tan can develop for up to 12 hours, so you are welcome to leave it on longer to allow it to develop further. 

For best results, we recommend using a primer for your spray tan. This will help your spray tan to develop, balance your PH levels so your spray has the most natural color possible, and most importantly, it will help your spray tan to last longer!

Most spray tans last anywhere from 5-7 days, depending on the condition of your skin. Staying moisturized after you receive your spray tan will really help to preserve your spray tan.