We offer an incredible five levels of tanning, allowing us to tailor a tanning program for any need. You’ll get just the right color, whether you’re a new tanner who needs to tan quickly for that upcoming wedding or vacation, or a regular tanner wanting to achieve your next level of tan. Choose from the top of the line High Pressure, Turbo 600, or 48-lamp stand-up. High Pressure beds, with their super-low UVB output, will tan even the hardest-to-tan, without a hint of burning. Or, for an instant, UV-Free spray tan, try our VersaSpa.

Always New Lamps

Even the best equipment will tan poorly with old lamps. So to assure you always get that new lamp tan, our lamps are changed 200 hours before the manufacturer suggests (thats 600 tans!). Additionally, we verify the UV output of each bed monthly.

High Pressure UV Tanning Bed
Platinum UV Tanning Bed
Silver UV Tanning Bed